Sunday, September 21, 2008

Entertainment Center

I haven't been a good blogger lately, life gets in the way sometimes as you know. I forgot to blog our entertainment center that Craig built right before we had our open house for our remodel. He did a fantastic job on it. We had bought a new TV which is smaller than our other one and so that required a whole new entertainment center, not really but what the heck. I decided that our lights look like devil horns on our TV, but really our TV isn't evil in the least, lol.
I know, you are probably saying, "smaller?", yes, by one inch, but more importantly it is 1/4 of the thickness of the old one so we were able to move everything back a foot which gives us more living space, and in a house the size of ours that is huge. It also weighs considerably less than the other TV which weighed 370 lbs.
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Craft Room Makeover

Just when you think you are all done with the house.......I decided my craft room needed a makeover, so I got busy and used up some of the left over flooring from the rest of the house and put in a new floor, primed and painted the walls and then I decided to pretty much get rid of everything and start over, not my craft stuff of course, but the shelves and bins and the old counter with the ugly curtains on it. If it looks very IKEA like, it's because I bought everything at IKEA except the hutch that surrounds my computer monitor, I designed that and Craig built it. I have one wall that is just storage from top to bottom and side to side as you can see from the picture below.
Here is my computer/office area. I haven't had a chance to label anything yet, so finding things has been quite a test on my memory skills. The computer is hiding away in the cabinet below along with my printer, modem, router, etc...I installed a fan in the side of the cabinet which is plugged into a temperature sensitive plug so it will turn on if it gets too warm in the cabinet and turn off when the temp drops below a certain level, it vents into the cat tunnel (see paragraph below).
The wall opposite the storage wall has a row of cabinets for more storage and you can see from the picture below that I left an area open so the cats could still access their cat door out to the cat pen. Craig put a solid surface counter on top of my cabinets for me, the old counter was a laminate counter and it got really scarred up, this will be much better.
Here is a look from the doorway, Craig is going to make a frame for my pegboard so I can hang my stuff up again, and we are going to somehow make a collapsable working table that will connect to the bookcase, we still haven't figured out how exactly that will work. You can see my tech jacket on my dress form, it's the perfect place to keep it when I'm not working. I started my new job at NorthWest Eye Surgeon's right after Labor Day and I love it.
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