Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Break it to me gently

I added a link to my "My favorite links" tab called "Break it to me gently". When I was down in Alabama last month I found an old cassette tape that I had recorded for my Mom of me singing back in the early 90's. I had this cheap little Karaoke machine and I sat down one day and sang my own mix of songs that my Mom liked and taped it, then sent it to her. The next time I came to Alabama to visit every time we would go anywhere people would say, "Oh, I loved your tape!", it turned out my Mom had played it for anyone who would listen, it was pretty embarrassing. Anyway, I asked my brother Bob if he could record it onto the computer as MP3's, and he did and then he posted this link of one of the songs. You can tell it is an old tape, but I think he did a good job with it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dress for Wedding

I am going to a wedding on Saturday for Craig's cousin Taryn, and I decided to make myself a dress to wear. I took a day off of work today and got busy sewing.
Here it is from the side, I added a few embelishments that weren't part of the original pattern, like the buttons on the sleeves and the embroidery.
I just tried it on, and I knew it would fit because my dress form and I are exactly the same size, well maybe I have a few pounds on her. I love to sew for myself though because I can alter the pattern and make it fit perfectly.
I haven't decided if I want to add more embroidery around the bottom, I don't want it to look over done, I am going to add some swarovsky crystals to it though, but that will be tomorrow nights project.
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