Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pond walls are going up........slowly!

I'm about half way through mortaring my second course of cinder blocks, I would never make it as a Mason, I'm too slow and it is so hard, I ache all over.  Craig cut my rebar and as soon as I finish the second course I will set them in place permanently. 
The back wall to the left will only be one more course higher and then I will pour another cement slab right behind it and continue the back side straight across to line up with the right side in the back, this will be my plant shelf, in the center will be the waterfall.  There will also be a pond window to the right of the sharp curve in the front where it straightens out.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small progress on the pond

I got my cinder blocks placed where I wanted them and marked where I want to put the vertical rebar, Craig drilled the holes in the footings for me today, luckily we had a hammer drill and the right size bit.   Next I will morter the first course of blocks and then I will place the rebar in the holes and set them with epoxy.
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