Monday, May 31, 2010

Sewing Table

I bought this sewing table almost a year ago at Joann's on a great deal. It folds up so when I am not using it I store it under my cutting table. It also has a table extension in the back that comes up when I need even more space to work on, in the pictures it is down. The side table can be used for a serger. Anyway, I had always wanted my sewing machine set into it, but it was just made for it to sit on top. But thanks to my wonderful, talented and skilled husband, my machine is now set-in to it as you can see.
He is so clever, he made a template out of a scrap piece of wood, clamped it to the top of the table and routed out the space for the machine and then installed a shelf below for the machine to sit on. It fits perfectly! I am in sewing heaven now! I am actually working on a quilt as I write this.
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Katrina said...

That table is so cute! Ever since I sunk my sewing machine I really dislike sewing on a raised table. My table stays up now all the time but I can fold the back down too. Your sewing room is so nice!