Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Sand and Gravel filter finished!

Got my S/G filter finished and up and running.  I built this for my indoor Koi Stock tank, which will eventually serve as my quarantine tank when the big pond gets finished.  Right now it has my 3 Koi and one goldfish in there.  My old filter was failing and leaking really bad, I had used it for over 10 years, it use to be on my old outdoor pond and it was really undersized for my fast growing Koi.  I was able to use the bio media that was in it for a new shower water return as you will see in the video.  So far, no leaks and the water is sparkling clear after only 2 days in operation.  I will be building 2 more of these for my outdoor pond, so this was a good practice one.  I make a video of how to clean it next weekend!  Stay tuned!