Sunday, March 1, 2009

Retail Therapy! Doing my part to help the economy!

I went shopping with Carina the other night which is a bad, bad idea. I don't really like to shop, but she has a way of getting me to buy things I wouldn't have bought otherwise. She had recently bought the cutest Juicy bag and I loved it, hers is black and when I saw it in the espresso, I just had to have it! Then she steered me over to the Jeans and I bought a pair of Joe's Jeans, very cute but more expensive than I would have usually spent on jeans, I am usually good with Levi's or Lee. Then it is off to the bra section, she said, "Mom you really need a new bra, and when you get one we are going to burn your other ones." So two bra's one pair of jeans and a ridiculously expensive purse later..............I also found some Merrell's that I just had to have, they are my favorite shoes, luckily Nordstroms then announced they were closing, THANK GOD!

So what do I do on Saturday....I go to the Sew Expo of course, I didn't win the contest with my embroidered purse entry, but I didn't really think I would win anyway. So I go to the Expo with a mission, to buy a new sewing machine. People that know me are thinking, she needs a new sewing machine like she needs a hole in the head, but I do need a new machine, my old regular sewing machine has been dying a slow death and I have been waiting for this weekend for a long, long time. So I hit every vendor's booth who are selling machine's, Viking, Bernina, Janome etc.... and I end up at the Babylock dealer's booth, and I seek out the owner who has dealt with me before so I am suprised that he doesn't duck and hide. I get him to sell me the demo at a great discount and I convince him to throw in a quilt table, quilting foot and pay for the tax as well, whoo hoo! I will pick it up later in the week! Here is a picture of it below. I love to wheel and deal and get what I want!
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