Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dress for Wedding

I am going to a wedding on Saturday for Craig's cousin Taryn, and I decided to make myself a dress to wear. I took a day off of work today and got busy sewing.
Here it is from the side, I added a few embelishments that weren't part of the original pattern, like the buttons on the sleeves and the embroidery.
I just tried it on, and I knew it would fit because my dress form and I are exactly the same size, well maybe I have a few pounds on her. I love to sew for myself though because I can alter the pattern and make it fit perfectly.
I haven't decided if I want to add more embroidery around the bottom, I don't want it to look over done, I am going to add some swarovsky crystals to it though, but that will be tomorrow nights project.
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