Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our new office

We just moved into our new office this last week and it is just beautiful. I have my own lane for working up patients which you can see in the picture below. We still have some finishing touches left to do, like our wall mounted blood pressure cuffs, artwork and my indirect ophthalmascope. We have 12 lanes in all and 3 diagnostic rooms and 2 procedure rooms as well. We have two tech stations and a huge break room and also a mydriatic area. We have a separate surgery area but it is connected to the clinic, the surgery side has 2 amblatory surgery suites and a separate check in, there are men and women locker rooms and showers and a huge pre-op, post-op area. We occupy 14,000 square feet which is almost the entire third floor of our building.
This is the clinic's check in, waiting area. We have a separate check out. This picture only shows a small portion of the area.
This is looking down the hall where most of the lanes are. We have a light system that signals where the patients are and who is next and it will alert the doctor's in their office. We also can see at a glance where everyone is from our tech stations.
These are our lockers in our break room, it's like being back in highschool again. We have a great view of Mt. Rainier from our break room. They put in a full size fridge with water and ice and two microwaves. We started seeing patients on last Tuesday and I can't tell you how nice it has been being in this brand new beautiful facility and the patients are loving it also.
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Bob said...

Good to know how that new place is.
Seems to need personal touches like pictures or something though.
Very technical, apparatus-filled room. You must like that. :)
I'm guessing it's not as confusing as it looks (seems to be like an opticians room) but I'd think people would be scared seeing that for the first time.
Just knowing it's not a chair at a dentist is probably a good thing.

Saw Carina's birthday pictures... those cupcakes were giant-sized! And each with a candle lit as well. Must have made a good cake that way. Craig's mom looked fine, same as last time I saw here I think. Bob never looks any different to me.