Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ironing Board Cabinet

I have been wanting an ironing board cabinet in my craft room for a long time. I found this one at Lowe's and I decided I wanted the optional light and outlet in it. This is the wall where it will be (actually it is the only wall left where I could put it).
This is a recessed cabinet, so I cut out the wall and discovered it had an electrical wire running through the middle of it that ran from the switch to the outside light. I pondered how to deal with it for awhile when I decided to just run a new wire from the switch inside the wall to just above the cutout, I had Craig route out a groove in the stud on the opposite side to run the old wire up and then I spliced it and the new wire together in a junction box up above.
I ran a separate wire from the load off of the outlet below the cabinet and fished it up the wall to run to the new outlet/light combo inside the cabinet. You maybe asking yourself (or not) why wouldn't I just use the existing wire that I spliced earlier, well the reason is that the new outlet/light combo uses a timer and my outdoor lights would turn off as well when the timer would go off, so it had to be wired directly from the other outlet.
Here it is all done. The ironing board swivels left and right and then closes up nice and neatly. Another weekend and another successful project completed. Maybe next weekend I will actually sew.
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