Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Got up at 8:00 and it was snowing, again!
Got my pies made, they turned out perfect, but I am pretty confident with my baking, it's my cooking that I am not so good at.
I made the cornbread the night before for my dressing, I had never made cornbread before especially from scratch, but it turned out good.
Here are a couple of my favorites right out of the oven, baked carrots and green bean casserole.
I also made Sweet potato casserole, Carina made the mashed potatoes and I made the gravy. All in all it turned out okay. We loaded it up and headed over to my Father-in-laws to eat, the main ingredient we were missing was my Mother-in-law which left a definite void, Thanksgiving will never be the same. Hopefully I can go back to just making the pies in the years to come.
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