Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another purse

So I got my other purse almost finished and then I decided I made some mistakes when constructing it and I got frustrated with it and so I went for attempt #2, back up to JoAnn's for more supplies.
Instead of using upholstery fabric, I just went for plain old cotton, but to make it have more body I quilted it. I just used two layers of Warm & Natural and drew lines every 1/2" with disappearing ink.

Here it is all filled up, I have four inside pockets and my iPad fits perfectly in the middle.

Here it is all zipped up.

I put feet on the bottom and decided to add my initials to the front pocket.

All done, but I am still not completely satisfied with my design, I have a few more flaws to work out in the coming purses.

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