Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Felted Purse

I decided I wanted to try and make a felted purse, every felted purse I had ever seen was knitted and my knitting is just so-so, I am a much better crocheter. So I decided to see if I could make a crocheted felted purse. Here is the purse and straps before washing. It was probably 16" across and 18" tall.
Here it is right out of the washing machine, I stuffed a towel in it to help shape it while it dried. It smelled like a wet dog so I also Febreezed it. I stretched the straps out and clamped them onto my table to straighten them out. Now it has shrunk down to about 10" wide and the widest point and 12" tall.

I put a simple cotton lining in it, no pockets or anything.

I like it, it's kinda homely but charming at the same time. I'm glad I decided to add the eyelash yarn at the top, it gives it even more of a rustic look (or something).

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Jen said...

You should try one knitted too. The nice thing about felting is that it does not matter how well (or badly) you knit. The felting makes it all look good in the end!

Cheryl said...

I may try a knitted one next, I am just so much faster at crocheting, I whipped this one up in less than 2 hours.