Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowmaggedon 2012

Up until today I have been able to make it to work, but this morning, not so much, on top of all of this snow is a thick layer of ice, it has pretty much made it impossible to drive. Right now we are having freezing rain and people all around here are losing power from the falling trees and branches, so far we are just seeing flickering lights.

Here are our snowpeople that Carina and Dan made yesterday. They are loving this weather (The snow people that is), Carina and Dan are bored out of there minds, Dan has been stuck here since Tuesday night.
I thought our bench looked really cool. The snow is about 6" or so on each of the slats. It doesn't show up well in the picture.

The pond is frozen over, I forgot to get the pond ice ring thing in there, but as long as I don't disturb it the fish should be fine, it wouldn't be the first time that it has frozen.

Unfortunately our Laurel bush took a beating, this section just broke, but luckily Laurel grows quickly and by summer it should be all filled back in. The cedar tree is sagging really low, but so far none of it has broke off.

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