Sunday, May 4, 2008

Countertops, whoo hoo!

We had a slow start to the weekend because it decided to rain all day on Saturday, so after going down to Craig's work to pick up the countertops, we did a lot of sitting around waiting for the rain to stop so we could get something done, well that didn't happen on Saturday. So today was the big day, I mostly just watched and helped move material around, Craig did all the work.
The counters aren't really installed yet, just laying there, Craig needs to attach the sub top first and also he will put the sink in, it was back ordered and should be in tomorrow, I taped a template where the sink will go so we could get an idea of how it will look. We are getting so much closer, I can't wait for Craig to cook again.
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2 comments: said...

What type of countertop did you get?

Cheryl said...

They are solid surface countertops by Meganite. We put them in ourselves but they are usually not a DIY project, but they turned out beautiful.