Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fabric Organization Progress

Well, I'm getting there, slowly but surely, I have 16 bins full as of now, I still have more fabric though, but mostly what is left is bigger pieces that I am storing on full sheets of Magazine Boards and putting in my drawers, I also have a bunch of really scrappy stuff that I think I will cut into squares and chuck the excess, enough is enough already, it is hard for me to not save it all, but this is getting ridiculous. Most of the fabric in the picture below are fat quarters and fat eighths or around that size. All of my yardage is going on the bigger boards. I have them all put away now and back on my shelves. I also haven't even begun working on my "other" fabrics, what I mean by other is anything that isn't quilting cotton's, I don't even know where to begin with those.
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Stephanie said...

Wow what a great fabric stash! I just started sewing and I cant's wait until mine looks like this.

barbara sullivan said...

You are so blessed Mrs. Hughes-Ellison! I would give anything for even a 1/4 of that! Maybe some day when I get better income I can have this much fun. I would have so much fun just playing in your craft room LOL! God bless you and you are not only blessed, but its nice to see how beautifully you treat your items. I have seen hoarders that have things smashed, dusty, just a mess. Yours is neatly put away, clean, sorted. It looks so loved. That would be like a meditation room! Hugs fellow fabric lover!
Barbara from IN!