Friday, April 13, 2012

Accuquilt Barn Quilt Design Contest

 I am so excited, I entered several quilt block designs in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt Design contest and not just one, but two of my blocks made it into the top 100 designs.  The first one here is # 5 on the list and the 2nd one is # 14.  Voting for the blocks is going on from April 11 through April 18, then the top 20 blocks will go to a panel of celebrity judges.  I can't imagine how excited I would be to make it to the top 20, that would just be amazing!  I am hoping people will go vote for mine, here's the link Vote top 100 designs

# 5

 # 14


Cyn ;-) said...

I voted for both of your great blocks! Good luck in the contest.

Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote, I really appreciate it.

Lydia's Threads said...

Your blocks would be perfect on a barn! I love them and voted for both. Good luck.

Cheryl said...

Thank you Lydia!