Monday, May 28, 2012

Bonfire at Jeni's for Memorial Day weekend

This is Paco, Jeni's goat, he has two friends that live with him.

Diego and (I can't remember the other ones name) but they say she is not very smart.  I keep my distance from them because they are known to spit.

This is the pre-bonfire drinking and eating festivities on Jeni's deck.

Here is Ryan in front of the bonfire pile, this is just the kindling to get this thing going, there are equally large piles of branches and limbs on either side of this pile that we added throughout the night, some of it from our yard, it feels so good to get rid of it.

Barry always comes up with a unique way of starting the fire, this year it was doused with kerosene, I think or white gas, whatever it was it was extremely flammable.  Anyway, then he lit some roman candles and aimed them at the pile and after a few missed the pile finally we had a hit and it went up in flames so fast.

This is less than a minute after it started.

It was pretty out of control at first, but quite awesome.  We had a great time!
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