Sunday, May 27, 2012

More yard projects

Here is the pile of yard waste we have accumulated so far.  We basically pulled out all of the ivy and did some major pruning of part of the Laurel and took out our really big lilac tree.

I am trying to dig out the massive root system of the lilac tree, it is so slow going, especially since I am also dealing with all of the ivy roots.  This will eventually be the home of the renovated pond. 

I am going to tear out the old pond and completely rebuild it, much bigger and much deeper. I am tired of feeding the local wildlife with my fish, I think I am back down to 1 goldfish who is extremely skittish, and for good reasons.

The ivy had pretty much covered half of the pond before we started our project, I forgot what it looked like.

Got the rest of the side fence built in the last two weekends, it looks so much bigger without all of that ivy.

Here is the first load of yard waste heading over to Jeni's, hopefully it will only take one more trip to get the rest.  She is have a big bonfire tonight.
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