Sunday, October 7, 2012

Course three is 3/4 finished

I just have about 13 more cinder blocks left to set on the curved portion of the wall, the spaces between the blocks to fill in and course 3 will be complete!  Almost half way done!
The area where the blocks are set in, in the picture below are now as tall as they will be, I will pour a pad of concrete behind them to the same height and then continue the back wall with the 4th course to line up with the farther back wall, this will give me a shelf for plants.
You can see my TPR's (tangetial pond returns) in the pictures, I have a total of 7 of them, they help circulate the water and push debris toward the bottom drains.
and speaking of bottom drains, I got them ordered and they are on their way, so I will be digging once again.  Our grass could not be more dead, we still have had no rain and our weather has been just amazing, the best fall weather I can ever remember.
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