Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moved the fish indoors for the winter

I found a 300 gallon rubbermaid tub on craigslist for a great price, ($195.00), it had only been used twice for baptisms, (kind of odd I thought) but anyway I moved my goldfish and Koi into it today.
I took some pictures of them before I let them out. They are best buddies, the goldfish is my one surviving fish from the old pond, he has been through a lot, he most likely was born in there.
I don't know what kind of Koi this is, but he is a butterfly Koi, other than that I don't know, I picked him up at the fish store earlier in the spring to keep the goldfish company.
Craig was worried that the cats would fall in the tub and drown so he made a bridge for them to jump onto, so far they have showed no interest in it, I also have netting over it to keep the fish from jumping out.
Here you can kind of see the fish after I let them out, this is huge compared to what they were in before.  Once I get the big pond done they will get to be the first inhabitants and then I will use this for a quarantine/sick tank.
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