Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Craig's bathroom" makeover

So we have been in painting mode now for a couple of months it seems.  We decided to makeover our bathroom's, this one we call "Craig's bathroom", it use to be called "Carina's bathroom", but since she moved out, Craig has taken it over, so we thought we would man it up!
He picked out this paint, it is called "Volcanic Ash", I just love it!  It was a raisin-y color before.  He wanted some pictures of the stadium's, so I bought some frames from Ikea and googled "Safeco" and Century Link Field" and found all kinds of good pictures.
I changed them to black and white to go with the monochromatic theme we had going on.
It is extremely difficult to take good pictures in such a tiny bathroom, but hopefully you get the idea.
It's amazing how different paint can change the look and feel of a space, if you want to see the before, I have a post on my blog of when we originally remodeled it here,  I will post "My bathroom" in the next post.
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