Monday, September 9, 2013

Finally finished some of the details from our 2008 remodel

So Craig and I have wanted to get this done for quite some time, but just couldn't get motivated enough to do it.  We finally caulked all of the crown molding and trim around the doors and I got all of the crown painted, we still have a little more to do on the trim and we still haven't done the baseboards, but I am proud of us for getting this much done.
I also decided that it would look best if I painted the ceiling white, originally we had painted it a shade lighter than the walls, but I never really liked it.  We also had left the crown in the kitchen unpainted, just wood, and it looked good, but it didn't flow with the rest of the house, so I took it down and painted it.
This all started with us deciding to paint all of the doors black, something I saw on Pinterest and I liked, surprisingly Craig was all for it too!  In fact he was the one pushing to get them done.
I started with the french door, what a pain, but Craig did most of the rest of the doors.
Ignore the dirty fish tank, it is due for an overhall and a new light on one side.  What amazed me the most is by painting the ceiling white it made the room feel so much taller, it is like we gained a foot a space going up, it also makes the house a lot lighter and with all of the black we have, we need all the light we can get.
We painted the front door on both sides as well, Craig was hesitant to paint the outside, but I convinced him it would look great!
I realized after looking at this picture, I need to straighten out my DVD's.
While I was in painting mode, I painted the trim around the glass block black also, now it matches the picture frames above.
While I was painting the hall ceiling I realized our old attic door was falling apart, it was just drywall and the old paint was peeling and yucky, so I cut a new door from some scrap wood we had in the shop and put a knob on it, it is much better now.
Funny how one thing leads to another, especially with me and my OCD tendencies, I was caulking around the door next to the cabinet that we keep all of our recipe books in and ended up dusting it and then cleaning out the bottom part of it and now we hardly have anything in it, just 3 empty fabric bins, it was packed with junk before, I love getting rid of stuff.
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