Sunday, September 30, 2007


We got home from our trip to McMenamin's today. We had a really good time, there were 13 of us that went. McMenamin's is a hotel that sits on 40 acres of land in Oregon, just 15 minutes from Portland. It use to be a poor farm that was built in the 1800's and it was turned into a retirement home before becoming a hotel. The rooms are all painted by local artists, each room is dedicated to a resident that once lived there and they have paintings and stories on the wall about that person. Everywhere you look you can see paintings, even the elbows of the exposed pipes in the ceiling have little faces painted on them. They have a golf course, eight pubs or bars several restaurants, a gift shop and gardens all around. They make their own wine and beer which I saw a whole lot of being consumed. The rooms don't have bathrooms, so you use a community bathroom, which sounds worse than it was, I didn't have to wait in line once to take a shower. We managed to get everyone together for two meals, which is not easy, the other meals we had with smaller groups of us. We took a trip down to the Dam and got to see the fish ladder from above and below, there were some huge fish in there. We also went shopping at the outlet mall and of course found plenty of things to buy. For my birthday, my brother Barry paid for me to have an hour long massage while we were there and it was wonderful, I loved it, it's amazing how good you feel when you are done. We are already talking about our next group trip, we are thinking maybe Vegas! We have such a great group of friends!
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