Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, here is my first post, I thought it would be fun to start an online diary of my going's on and share with my friends and family and anyone else who is interested in my life, my projects, ideas and anything else I feel like sharing. I have tons of pictures of the many crafty things I have made over the years and the remodeling and building projects I have done and eventually I will post all of those pictures on here.

The first project I will post is the most recent one. On Labor day I decided that I needed to get something constructive done after sitting and doing nothing for two days, so I wandered out to the back yard and surveyed all of the scrap wood we had laying around, I had salvaged most of it from when our patio roof was destroyed in the December 2006 windstorm and also from the bathroom addition last year. Anyway, I decided that we needed more space in our barn/shop. I approached Craig (my DH) about this and he seemed very skeptical at first, but soon he was on board and decided he liked the idea. We first built the framing walls and set them in place. And then ran the stringers for the roof.
Then we added the walls. Next would be the roof.
We decided to extend the roof out to the end of the barn. I spent a couple of days up on the roof putting up the shingles, I would have got it done in one day, but I ran out of shingles.
After getting the shingles trimmed around the edges it was really starting to take shape. We got the barn doors moved over to the new opening and I got the wiring done for the two shop light fixtures and the motion light. We also got the floor put in. We still need to do some trim work on the outside and finish the walls on the inside, but I am really pleased with how it turned out. It is very satisfying to see your ideas come to life and a relief to see that the idea worked.

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jennifercarol said...

Momo sent me the link to your blog so I had to come check it out. The addition to the barn looks great!