Thursday, April 10, 2008

The rest of the flooring is going in!

I am plugging away on the flooring, hopefully I will get it done by tonight. Tuesday I got the entire hallway finished and that was the hardest part because of all of the cuts involved.
I also got the trim put up on the pocket door, it turned out so nice. I also got the trim put up on most of the doors in the hallway. You can see our temporary kitchen in the picture below, the fridge is in my craft room on the other side of the pocket door.
Another tricky part of the flooring was going around the new wall, but it is done now and should be much easier from here on out. We are hoping to get some cabinets put in this weekend, unfortunately the finishing department at my husband's work is really busy and they haven't had time to finish them, but we should be able to put a few in. I at least want to put in the fridge and dishwasher.
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