Monday, April 21, 2008

Now we're getting somewhere!

Craig got all of the cabinet fronts put in, he will have to take them down to get them finished but it sure looks good even unfinished. We put the oven in its spot but it isn't installed yet, either is the stove top, we still have to make the opening for that and of course put in the countertops before that goes in permantly. The pantry pull out just has its front sitting there because Craig doesn't want to install that one at all until it is finished its a little trickier than the rest.
I also temporarily put up the undercabinet lights with double stick tape so I could play around with placement. I ran about 5 loads of dishes in the new dishwasher, we bought all new dishes and silverware and I got it all put away along with all of our food and we are now back to using only one fridge, yay! Carina has decided she wants a lot of our old dishes and silverware for when she moves out, so that means a lot less trips to the Goodwill, she thinks she will move out this summer, we'll see!
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