Sunday, March 23, 2008

How about the rustic look!

It's getting uglier by the minute, I spent all day Saturday pulling out drywall. Craig and I went to the dump twice, he managed to get the lawn mowed while I kept pulling out drywall. We removed the partial wall and now I have our light switch dangling from the ceiling.

We had to put a big piece of cardboard over the back wall because it had huge holes that went to the crawlspace under the house and the entire area where the tub is on the other side of the wall is open and we didn't want the cats back there. It was pretty scary taking out the drywall in that area because I wasn't sure what I would find back there, well, it wasn't pretty. We knew that in the past we could hear mice or rats in that wall and on a few occaisions we could smell a dead one so now we know why and how they got in there. We are going to plug up every hole in there and seal it tight before we put the drywall back up.
The plumber is coming on Tuesday to replace all of our old galvanized piping throughout the house. I am going to work on rerouting and replacing all of the wiring in the meantime. Basically I will have to re-wire everything because the way it was done before is such a mess and I will have to add some new circuits and lines for the built in microwave/convection oven, the dishwasher and garbage disposal and the under cabinet lighting.
I talked Craig into putting a new french door in where the sliding glass doors are, yes I said doors, we have two, not side by side, but one on top of the other, I hate them. We live in the Port of Seattle noise reduction zone, in other words we live right under the flight path of SeaTac airport and years ago they put in all new high quality vinyl windows and insulation in the attic and they added a second slider to our back door slider, it sucks. So we are going to replace those with one beautiful french door that has built in blinds between the glass, I can't wait.
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