Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remodeling project

Well, we have started the remodeling projects. Carina and I started by pulling out the carpet to reveal the lovely hardwood floor underneath.

As you can see, the floor underneath was in bad shape. I had to shuffle the furniture around to get all of the carpet out.
After getting the carpet out it was time for paint. I painted the walls a color called "carmelized onion" and the ceiling is a lighter shade in the same color family. I painted over my stencil which I decided had been enjoyed long enough, time for something new.
Once I got the painting done I moved on to the floor. I am putting down a laminate maple floor. The blue stripes are just tape. Again I had to shuffle furniture around to get the floor in. You may be wondering where Craig is, well he is hard at work drawing up the specs for our kitchen cabinets and making a cut list for work. I was trying not to bother him with all of my chaos, and somehow he got most of his drawings done and they look great.
I stopped the floor at the edge of the hall. We will finish the floor on into the hall and kitchen once we get the kitchen gutted.
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