Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tearing out the kitchen

Today was tear out the kitchen day. So that's what we did. It's scary to see what is behind and under your cabinets and appliances. At one point I wanted to just move out, or at least run out, but I hung in there and we are working on getting at least two of the layers of floor up, we decided that we shouldn't mess with the bottom layer because it probably contains asbestos. The fridge is now in my craft room along with four large boxes of our food, we will have to survive with this make-shift kitchen for awhile, I foresee many meals out.

You can see in this picture below, my temporary wiring for the new canned lights in the living room. That wall is being moved out about a foot so I will put the switch in there permanently when we get the wall moved.
There are all kinds of funky wires and holes to nowhere that I will have to fix. Some of the holes in the floor and the walls are covered up with old mason jar lids.
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