Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The plumbing is in!

Actually, the plumbing is replaced with new shiny copper pipes, no more galvanized pipes except for the drain pipes. I got some of the electrical work done while the plumber was plumbing, I put in six new GFCI outlets, we use to have only two. I spent most of the time taking out the old wiring and the rest of the drywall. Once the wiring is done then onto drywalling, whoo hoo! No more destruction, it's all construction from here on out, well except for the bathroom, but that's another project. Craig got the pocket door sanded and stained today so we can put it back in the pocket soon. I didn't mention in my last blog that the reason I ended up pulling all of the drywall out was partially because I discovered that there is no insulation in the exterior wall so we will put some in before we seal it back up.

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omniverse said...

Bob here...
Incredible progress, I read it backward starting at the end (which was the beginning).
You really did tear the whole place apart first! I'm surprised about no insulation in the outer wall.
That "pocket door" was a great idea. Also fantastic that you're finally getting rid of the sliding glass door(s).
The kitchen actually looks nice without anything in there, starting new.