Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's remodeling progress

Well, I got a wild hair to put in a pocket door to replace my ugly bi-fold doors on my craft room. Craig was busy tearing out the kitchen and dining room floor, and I was just about to start painting again when I got this idea. I never liked my bi-fold doors and I thought, what the heck, the house is already a wreck so why not. So I headed off to Lowe's and bought my pocket door and went to work tearing out drywall. I had to carefully cut out the studs as not to disturb the drywall on the other side and then I put in a header across the top.

Craig was still working on the floor, and as you can see by the picture, it was quite a project.

Here it is somewhat installed. We have it temporarily in place until we can get it sanded and stained to match the other doors. Once that is done I will put the drywall up and start painting where I left off.

Here it is in the pocket, pretty cool huh? Of course once the drywall is back up you won't be able to see it anymore.

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