Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More remodeling!

I forgot to say on my last blog that we started our remodel on Wednesday night, on Thursday is when I finished getting the carpet out and on Friday night after work I pulled all of the trim off from the doors. Then Saturday was painting and floor day. On Sunday I got the trim on the garage door and the front door and most of the baseboards down in the front room and put the furniture back in somewhat the right places. The fish tank will go back in after we are pretty much done with everything.

We are going to put crown molding up all throughout the living room, dining room and kitchen. Again, you can see Craig working away on the kitchen drawings.
On Sunday night I marked where I wanted our recessed lights, we have six of them, and on Monday I got up in the attic and put them in. Today I got back up in the attic and got them wired and working. I attached them to a dimmer switch which also has a remote control. I added a new circuit breaker to the panel because we didn't have an existing light in the living room.
Next will be the demolition of the kitchen. We will start that on Saturday. I need a couple of days to get everything packed up and ready. We also need to do a little regrouping, I feel like the house is a disaster right now.
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Jen said...

It looks really great! It is hard to live a "normal" life when remodeling though...especially with kitchens!